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Professional Window Cleaning
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What We Do
Professional Window Cleaning / High Rise Specialists
Rhino HIgh Rise LLC, founded in 2016, specialise in the cleaning of windows, and can handle almost all high rise needs in the industry. Our Promise is to provide our customers with professional and quality work, at an even more professional price.   Our employees are very experienced in every aspect of the field.  
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Our Services
We are a staff of trained and experienced window cleaners.
  1. Housing
    Over 20 years combined experience. We are more than prepared to perform high quality work at any height.
  2. Business
    Our business is built by the standards that we set. We will beat the competitions price, and provide quality from every angle. We are looking to get the job done as efficiently as possible, and leave every customer satisfied.
  3. Services
    We offer a wide variety of services. Window cleaning is just the beginning of it. We also offer cleanings of screens, mini blinds, window sills, and all frame work in addition to windows. We also specialize in hanging banners on telephone poles, large banners on billboards, and banners that are mounted to the sides of buildings.
Why clean your windows?
Every window should be cleaned regularly, for many reasons.  Glass is porous and collects dirt.  It could be from hard materials that run off your buiulding, oxidation, acid rain (which happens more often than most think), or just from a constant build up of dirt and grime. 
-Windows are kind of like your teeth, short term care can be less costly, but if ignored, the long term cost can rise significantly if windows need replaced.
-Clean windows simply look nice.